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Some Good News

Amid challenging times, I’m delighted to have good news. One of our IPR clients, who has been working towards her goal of opening a horse rescue, has started a volunteer position at Unbridled Spirits Thoroughbred Retirement Ranch. Today, she and I visited Unbridled Spirits and took a tour of the horse barn. In addition to learning about the horses and history of the organization, we both did chores and assisted in horse care. She worked extremely well with the horses and was professional when speaking with the owner of Unbridled Spirits. Afterwards, she said that it was exactly what she needed and she was confident that this opportunity is what she needs to pursue her career goals. She will now be volunteering at Unbridled Spirits twice a week.

This experience was so positive that the IPR team is considering taking her and other clients on a regular basis to Unbridled Spirits to volunteer with horses. We feel that this will help clients with their mental health, giving back to the community, and learning vocational skills.


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