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Our housing program is for single men and women over 18 with chronic mental illness. People experience many losses as a result of their mental illnesses. One of those losses is often a home. Due to a mental illness a person may not be able to live independently, maintain housing, or live with family. Many people need a safe, affordable place to live so that they can make use of community resources, learn to manage their illnesses, and build new networks of support. Successful Living addresses that need by offering a combination of services and housing through our supportive housing program.

People in the permanent supportive housing program have staff available every day for 9 plus hours. People choose permanent supportive housing when they have no or limited experience living on their own or caring for their needs independently. They can live in the housing program as long as needed to develop the skills that will allow them to become an active part of the community.


Everyone living in the agency’s permanent supportive housing may choose the House Program medication management services and/or payee services.


   The House Program Medication Manager works with staff and clients to make sure clients receive the correct medications at the correct times and that their medications are available when needed.   


As the payee, Successful Living receives the client's Social Security funds and assists them in handling their finances. This includes making sure the client can meet their basic needs (housing, food, clothing, etc.) and helping the client learn money management skills. 


Individuals may receive Successful Living's other services during and after they have left the housing programs. 

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