Roger Goedken, Executive Director

Executive Director for Successful Living since 2011, Roger has worked in the human services field for over 25 years.  Having worked in many differing roles with many varied populations, each with unique challenges and rewards, Roger and Successful Living focus their mission and passion on improving the lives of adults having a chronic mental illness (CMI), many who have co-occurring disorders.  People like you and me, just with the added barrier of having a mental illness. 


Roger has served on served on a number of Boards including Chair of the Johnson County Case Management Advisory Board; SEATS Para-transit Advisory Committee; Johnson County Mental Health and Disability Services Planning Council and the Sixth Judicial District Community Accountability Board to name a few.  Hobbies include spending quality time with his wife, one dog and five cats; riding motorcycles and tackling light handyman jobs. 


Jeff Rogers, Human Resources Director

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Kevin Sanders, Housing Director

In 2016, Kevin Sanders joined the Successful Living Team. Kevin is a graduate from the University of Iowa. He has extensive experience empowering the youth in Iowa City with his expertise and training in social services. Kevin has a passion for providing quality services for residents who are currently living in the Habilitation Homes at Successful Living.


In 2021, Kevin was promoted to lead the Successful Living Housing Program. His leadership skills and professional service are being applied in his new role as Housing Director. Kevin's leadership and advocacy work in Iowa City was recognized by the Human Rights Commission in 2018 and 2019. Kevin serves as the President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Iowa City. He serves as Director of Education for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Above is a short list of his accomplishments and leadership activities in the community. 

Molly Mosley, Outreach Coordinator

Molly started working at Successful Living in the spring of 2014. She comes with a Masters of Divinity and concentrated her studies in counseling ministries. Molly’s been interested in mental health issues and advocating for those with a serious mental illness since college.

Susan Nicol, Outreach Program Director

Susan holds a Master of Science in Community Counseling, is a Certified Professional Coach, and has extensive training in mediation and conflict resolution. She has many years of experience working in the mental health milieu, drawing upon all three disciplines. Susan joined Successful Living in 2014.


Hillary Andros, Intake Coordinator

Hillary started with Successful Living in December 2017 as an Outreach Counselor before transitioning to Intake Coordinator in March 2020. Hillary holds a degree in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies from Western Illinois University. Hillary has experience working with different populations from mental health to domestic violence advocacy, but really enjoys focusing on helping adults with mental health issues live a more fulfilling life.


Imelda Odjo, Day Habilitation Program Director

Imelda Odjo joined the Successful Living team in 2021. Imelda holds a bachelor's degree in Social Work from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Imelda has experience working with diverse populations in the social services world. As a Hab Home Lead, she enjoyed assisting adults with mental health issues to live up to their full potential.

In 2022, Imelda was promoted to lead the Day Habilitation program. With her new role, Imelda is looking forward to providing a supportive environment for every client to learn, grow, and attain independent living.


Todd Foss, Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Director

Todd started with Successful Living in August of 2017 as an Outreach Counselor and then became the IPR Director in May of 2019. Todd brings a master’s degree in Human Services along with 28 years of customer service.

Caitlin began working with Successful Living in 2010; she has worked in the Outreach, Day Habilitation, and Housing programs. Caitlin has both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Iowa, graduating with her MSW in 2016 and becoming an LMSW shortly after. Caitlin most recently served as a Hab Home Lead before moving into her current position as Grants and Development Director in July 2021. She has previous experience in hospital social work, youth programming, and fundraising, though adult mental health social work continues to be her passion. Caitlin has lived and worked in the Iowa City area since 2001 and is dedicated to continuing to improve the supports for adults experiencing chronic mental illness in Iowa.


Caitlin McGowan, Grants and Development Director


Ashley Gillette, Finance Director

Ashley started working for Successful Living in 2014 as an Outreach Counselor and became the Medication Administrator less than a year later. Her love for numbers and her past accounting experience encouraged her to take on the role of the Accountant/Financial Manager for the agency in 2016.

Amanda Babcock, IT Manager

Amanda is responsible for the management of Successful Living's billing and technology. Amanda has been with Successful Living since 2010.