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Successful Living’s Outreach Program counselors meet with clients one-on-one either in the client’s home or out in the community.  Counselors represent a consistent and supportive presence as clients work toward goals to grow and change in areas that are important to them.  The Outreach Program honors the individuality of each client and services are tailored to  encourage clients to actively participate in developing goals for themselves with the expectation that working toward these goals will make positive differences in their lives. 


Outreach Program staff support our clients in improving and maintaining their mental health by

  • Assisting in identifying triggers and barriers;

  • Developing coping skills;

  • Managing symptoms;

  • Reframing thinking patterns; and

  • Developing positive behaviors.


Outreach Staff also work with clients in the following areas:

  • Utilizing community supports and accessing resources;

  • Building community integration and socialization skills;

  • Developing Natural Supports;

  • Addressing physical health issues and goals; and

  • Expanding Life Skills in a variety of areas such as organization, home maintenance, financial management, , and task fulfillment.

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