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NAMI Virtual Walk Event, May 30th

⭐You're a Star, treat yourself like one! ⭐ #SaturdaySelfcareSelfie May is Mental Health Awareness month and we could all benefit from taking time to recharge, especially during these unprecedented times. Selfcare is an important factor of living a balanced lifestyle, but is often pushed aside due to the many demands of life. So I invite you all to specifically make time for yourself this upcoming Saturday, May 30th by partaking in a selfcare activity of your choosing. This year’s NAMI walk event is still happening, but will have changes due to Covid19. Instead of having an organized walk for all, we'll be participating in selfcare activities in our own neighborhoods or homes or wherever you choose while maintaining social distancing. If you’re comfortable doing so, it would be fun if we all took “selfies” while participating in our chosen activity to share with each other. You can share them however you feel comfortable, including:

  • Posting them here on our event page:

  • Sending them directly to your counselor, if you have one

  • Commenting about your selfcare activity, if you don't want to share a picture

  • Sharing a picture of your activity, if you don't feel comfortable sharing a selfie

I’ll list some different ideas below, but selfcare is anything that makes you happy or brings you peace 😊

  • Walking

  • Reading

  • Cooking or baking

  • Checking in with a loved one

  • Meditation

  • Drawing or painting

  • Journaling or writing

  • Playing with your pet

  • Board games or puzzles

  • Home spa treatment

  • Exercising

  • Decluttering your home

Successful Living is registered with the NAMI Virtual Walk event, so please visit our Team page if you feel comfortable donating. You can also share this link with others who might want to donate:

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