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Employee Profile: Anne Kofron

Anne Kofron is the lead at our North Johnson Street women’s house. She recently hung new curtains in the kitchen, which make the place look nice and inviting. They have a community meal there for the residents and staff once a month, another warm addition to the house’s routine. Anne’s office is one where you want to put your feet up and watch the snow fall or read a good book, because of the welcoming ambiance – as if anyone had the time!

Anne’s a straight shooter with a wealth of experience, and she sees herself as a lifelong helper, first as an oldest daughter from a large family, before eventually finding her way years later to North Johnson, and she’s social, too – both assets in working with clients at Successful Living. Early on in her life she was a mixologist – aka bartender – for many years. Before her husband retired, she had a daycare business in her home. She worked in a nursing home, too, before that, where she met her husband, Gary, who was the maintenance supervisor. Immediately before Successful Living (the agency thanks you, Lirio, for telling Anne about us!), Anne worked for Elder Services until they closed that aspect of their services.

By the by, Anne can also shingle a house, overhaul a car engine and erect drywall, though it’s been a few years. Never mind her sewing projects (though that’s also been awhile) and cooking extravaganzas (yum!).

Where she’d prefer to be at any given moment? The great outdoors. She grows flowers at home, and vegetables - and chickens! - at their acreage near West Branch, where they keep their RV and spend most of the nice-weather months, entertaining friends and family, who camp out nearby. She cans what they can’t eat or give away. But what she really looks forward to is retirement to nice year-round weather in Florida someday!

Have you ever met a New Mexico native? One would be Anne, who spent her formative years in the city of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico! Glad her parents brought her along to our great state of Iowa.

Thanks for all your hard work, Anne. Successful Living appreciates it.

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