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Mental Health Action Day

Today marks the 3rd Annual Mental Health Action Day in the U.S. It is appropriate that this day occurs within May Mental Health Awareness Month and is a great opportunity to stop and reflect on how our own mental health needs impact our daily lives. Mental health and physical health are directly correlated. Talking with one another about our issues is a great way to connect and share concerns. I encourage everyone to take some time today and look at ways in which we can better our own personal lives through activities that are designed to bring us to improved mental and physical well-being. Here are some examples:

  • Go for a walk

  • Meditate

  • Write in your journal

  • Do a breathing exercise

  • Listen to a wellness podcast

  • Download a wellness app

  • Enjoy the outdoors

  • Get creative -- color, draw, or doodle

  • Make a gratitude list

  • Take a fitness or yoga class

  • Listen to music

  • Take a nap

  • Disconnect from your phone

  • Volunteer at your favorite organization

  • Text a friend or loved one

  • Check-in with yourself

  • Discover new resources at

  • Seek help from a friend or professional


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