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Day Hab Client of the Month

Congratulations to Day Hab Client of the Month, Gezwa!

Gez is caring, considerate, and exceptionally creative! 

Great Job, Gez, on all your hard work!

Get to know Gez!

Birthday: Dec. 20th – In the 90’s!

Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese w/ baby hotdogs (Hot Smokeys)

Least Favorite Food: Over-sauced doughy pizza.

Likes:  Stuffed baby animals, random texts when days are too long, and snuggly kitties.

Dislikes:  People talking snarky (for no reason) and students crossing the street on their phone @ their own convenience.

Fun Fact: When JB and I got married on 2/22/2022 @2pm, it was a Two’sday!


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