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Community Soul Food Dinner

The February 2023 Community Soul Food Dinner celebrated Black History Month as well a couple of other notable events. Successful Living was recognized for its support of the TeamCAN, the social justice arm of the Teamsters, who supported recovery efforts of local disasters such as the Cedar Rapids Derecho and also operates a Civil Rights Bus Tour, taking ICCSD students to civil rights landmarks and historically black colleges and universities.

Left to Right: Mazahir Salir, Executive Director, Center For Worker Justice; Roger Goedken, Executive Director, Successful Living; Royceann Porter, Johnson County Supervisor; Orville Townsend, Black Voices, Iowa City; Kevin Sanders, Housing Director, Successful Living; Meghan Foster, Coralville Mayor; Redmond Jones II, Deputy Iowa City, City Manager; Tony Currin, Johnson County Democrats/Teamsters Union; Henry Harper, Fast Track Founder/African American Hall of Fame.


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