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Our Housing Program is Growing!

Successful Living has TEN houses now! This means we are providing homes to 50 adults who have a Chronic Mental Illness or Serious Brain Disorder.

Each time we acquire a house, we add a 5th bedroom and an office for staff. We renovate, paint, add privacy fencing. We fully furnish each house, including appliances (all kitchen appliances and washer/dryer), which we repair or replace over the course of time as needed. We put in living room televisions and provide cable and wifi. In fact, we provide all utilities free to client residents and provide all paper products.

And of course we deliver supportive services and counselling, helping people utilize their Medicaid to get the doctors and meds, and helping them obtain SSI income. We are very proud of our housing program and believe it to be the very best around. NOTE: We couldn’t do this without our dedicated direct care staff who are very special people who are willing to take on this challenging work, building relationships with and helping our clients live their best lives.

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