Employee Profile: Gabby Williams

We have the best people! Gabrielle Williams works in Successful Living's Outreach program. And here's a little about her – Successful Living is full of people who are talented in areas beyond their work lives. Gabby Williams is one such person: she is skilled in the kitchen. She oughtta be! From the age of 7, standing on a chair in front of the stove, she was helping her extremely young mother raise her seven younger sibs! Her culinary skills are nearly all self-taught, and she does everything! BBQs! Thanksgiving turkey! Jerk chicken! Tacos! Or southern faves - whatever you want, she’ll make it – and without a recipe, thankyouverymuch! Gabby lost her father on her third birthday, i

Come join our outreach team!

New counselors on our outreach team will receive a $100 bonus when they successfully complete probation, so join us today! Click the Careers tab to learn more about being an outreach counselor.

March Employee of the Month: Cecily Robinson!

Cecily brings many talents to her job which benefit clients and colleagues alike. She maintains a positive attitude and bends over backwards to provide consistent, quality support for clients. Cecily actively pursues opportunities to sharpen her skills and readily shares her knowledge with her team, often leading trainings and discussions. Great work, Cecily!

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